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Making Arrangements

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At Lee-Ellena Funeral Home, we want to make arrangements simple for you. We offer a huge variety of containers and traditional caskets designed to meet your unique and personal needs but we'll be happy to go over your options and answer any questions that you may have. If you are looking for something in particular, please let us know. We will make every effort to accommodate your needs.

Burial Caskets
We offer a vast selection of burial caskets made from various woods, metal and steel. You can choose from many different styles and we offer a range of price points. Should you want to offer a unique tribute to your loved one, ask us about our customization options.

Burial Vaults
This is a common requirement by cemeteries to protect the casket and ensure proper grounds maintenance. Today, a lot of families choose to safeguard their loved one’s remains by selecting a burial vault.

Memorial Markers
A memorial marker stands the test of time and serves as a physical reminder of a life celebrated and remembered. It provides a location for friends and family to visit and pay respects for years to come.

To accommodate the growing number of families who opt for cremation, our urn collection includes biodegradable urns for scattering as well as traditional urns made of marble, wood, bronze, or ceramic. Styles range from understated and classic to ornate and decorative.

Urn Vaults
Similar to a burial vault, if you plan to bury the urn, many cemeteries require a vault in order to protect the urn and the surrounding earth.

Cremation Caskets

For those who choose cremation with a traditional funeral service, we offer cremation caskets built specifically for cremation. 

We work with local florists to offer a beautiful selection of flowers for the funeral, visitation, memorial or graveside service. Flowers can be self standing or arranged specifically for a casket or urn. Select flowers for a current service.



Funeral arrangements for a loved one should be made as soon as possible. If you aren't sure what to do, contact the nearest funeral service provider in your area about an arrangement consultant available to help. They can guide you through what options are available to suit your needs and explain all the necessary costs so that when it comes time for these decisions, you can process them without breaking down in tears or anxiety.

There are many details to take care of when a friend or loved one dies. This can be an extremely stressful time for those who have been left behind, as they struggle through their grief to fulfill the final wishes that were programmed into conduct during these trying times. You are grieving and may have assumed the responsibility of making funeral arrangements for someone who has meant so much to you in your life - this is difficult!


It is important to have the deceased removed as quickly as possible. Having the body immediately transported by a funeral home will allow for it to be prepared for viewing with dignity before being buried or cremated. The appropriate parties are notified so that family members can be made aware of the death, and they know where to call to take care of all arrangements. The deceased should be disposed of according to their wishes, which may involve a standard funeral or cremation service. If no direction was given by the person before death, family members make these decisions.


It's important to contact a funeral home as soon as possible if you are tasked with getting the deceased there. Work with the funeral director on what arrangements are needed - cremation, transfer to another facility, embalming, etc. Provide them with information on the time of death and place of death (at the hospital) for paperwork, then work together to decide on the best way to get the body there.


Funeral pre-arrangement refers to the making of plans for funerals or memorial services before death. Such arrangements are ordinarily made so that someone does not have to step in and go through the planning during a time of grief. For instance, one may wish for their service to be an open casket with violin music rather than a closed casket with organ music, or one may want eulogies but not greetings of any kind. It's common for people to have planned ahead of time for what they want to happen at their funeral, even if it doesn't seem helpful at the moment.


Planning for your final disposition ensures you are memorialized in the way you want. Not only will it save your loved ones time and anguish, but it will also allow them to honor you the way they would like. Planning for a final disposition is important both from a practical standpoint and from an emotional standpoint. Planning ahead ensures that the family knows how they want their loved one treated, thereby allowing the funeral home to prepare for it with minimal difficulty whether they choose traditional burial or the more conservative cremation.


There are many options out there. Some people choose to have their loved ones cremated, while for others it may be appropriate to opt for burial. Both these methods of disposition carry different challenges and benefits which ultimately come down to the personal preference of the executor.

The reasons some people prefer cremation can vary greatly depending on how they want their loved one's memory honored before they pass on. These include reducing costs with an urn or absent religious beliefs with no desire for a casket ceremony funeral, etc.? What usually happens after the cremation is that the human body becomes ash or bone fragments that are then scattered in a preferred way by survivors. FYI! Burial is often more complex and expensive than cremation.


Cemeteries are great places to incorporate memories of loved ones. Your funeral director can create a map of your cemetery’s grounds, showing the various plots and their locations within your organization’s landscaping. Many people find it comforting to visit cemeteries, so it makes sense for families who have enjoyed spending time at their loved one's gravesite to incorporate cemetery arrangements in their funeral arrangements by selecting the appropriate type of urn, headstone icon, and more.


Grave markers serve as a tactile reminder that a life has been lived. Online memorials provide a space to post news, tribute messages, recollections, and photographs from those who knew the deceased person best. Memorial products commemorate the recent passing of someone through personalized gifts or beautiful remembrances. Funeral-related products are essential in the event of death to honor the departed so their loved ones may have closure and live on happily without them.


It's important to do the following ASAP after someone passes on. Typically, they'll instruct their appointed agent via Last Will and Testament how they want their assets distributed upon death. But what if there is no will? This person would have wanted some sort of administrative provisions in place in the event of something happening to them. A living trust is a popular choice here because it can encompass both property distribution and asset management for when they couldn't be alive anymore.

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