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When you are planning a funeral, it can be a simple experience if you choose the right funeral home to assist. Our team at Lee-Ellena Funeral Home has been serving the community for years. During this time, we’ve developed the best practices for funeral and cremation planning in Warren, MI. These systems have been created with care, helping customers to reduce the stress that can come when planning a funeral.

We have two goals in mind: to support your family and ensure the quality of the funeral or memorial. Whether you are preparing for a large gathering of friends and family or you want to keep it simple with a small group, we are here to assist. Our funeral home staff has experience helping families from all walks of life. We’re here to oversee the creation of the perfect funeral plan to match your family traditions.

Learning About Funeral and Cremation Services in Warren, MI

The first step for every family is to learn about the services that are offered for a funeral. This information is essential so that you understand your options. You can select the details that fit family traditions and preferences, creating the perfect service to show respect to your loved one. A funeral is a unique experience where you can showcase a life well lived. Available services include:

Traditional & Contemporary Funerals: Choose the funeral service that matches your preferences. Both traditional and contemporary services can be memorable and healing for friends and family who attend the event. We’ll help you create an atmosphere that matches the needs of your family.

Memorial Services: Is there a difference between a memorial and a funeral service? These two options are similar, with one unique thing that sets them apart: the presence of the casket at the event. A memorial service is often held after the cremation or burial, so the casket is not on display.

Caskets: Choosing a casket is a personal decision, which is why we offer many styles and colors. We’ll help you find the right casket that fits the needs of your loved one.

Urns: Similar to choosing a casket, an urn is a beautiful piece used for the remains. After cremation, you can place the ashes in the urn of your choice. Look at the decorative pieces, or select something simple if you are preparing to scatter the ashes.

Vaults: It is common for families to select a vault at the same time as the casket selection. A burial vault is a way the casket can be protected in the ground. This vault adds a layer of security to prevent damage from water or the weight of the soil.

Cremation Jewelry: Are you looking for a way to keep your loved one nearby? A portion of the cremated ashes can be placed in a beautiful piece of jewelry. It can be comforting knowing that you are carrying the memory of your family member wherever you go.

After-Care Services with Grief Counselor: Working through the grief and emotional pain is the most important thing you can do after the funeral. We provide resources so that you can talk to a grief counselor to address the emotions that are experienced.

Veterans Discount: If your loved one served in the armed forces, then we invite you to use the Veterans discount that is offered here at Lee-Ellena Funeral Home. This discount is our way of showing gratitude for the service that was offered to our country.

Cremation with a Service: Consider the benefits of pairing a funeral or memorial with the cremation service. This solution gives you the “best of both worlds” – simplicity while planning a time to gather with family and friends.

Designing funeral and cremation services in Warren, MI can be easy when you choose the right funeral home. Contact us at Lee-Ellena Funeral Home for details about the services that are available for your family.

Preplanning: It is Right for You?

Our team at Lee-Ellena Funeral Home is prepared to support your family with immediate funeral services when needed. We understand that there are times when the funeral is unexpected and only a few days are available to work through the funeral details.

On the other hand, there are many advantages to preplanning funeral services. You can talk to our staff at your convenience. Preplanning gives you the flexibility of working through the options on the timeline that you desire. The information will be stored on file, so it is ready for your family when the funeral is scheduled.

Do you need support with funeral and cremation planning in Warren, MI? Then we are here to help! Visit the beautiful Lee-Ellena Funeral Home at 46530 Romeo Plank Rd, Macomb, MI 48044. Call ahead to schedule a personal consultation with our experienced funeral director: (586) 412-8999

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