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Who should you call when you need to design a funeral for a loved one? The most important decision you will make is the funeral home that you choose to hire. Years of hands-on experience ensure that your funeral director knows the best solutions to match your preferences. As you learn about the funeral and cremation industry in Chesterfield Township, MI, in Macomb County you'll see that funeral services are available for every family and tradition.

Our team at Lee-Ellena Funeral Home understands the importance of custom funeral services. We believe that every person deserves unique recognition, which is why we assist in creating a one-of-a-kind event to honor the person's memory. As you learn more about the various services that are offered, it is easy to see why our company is leading the local industry.


Here are some of the unique options offered by our team at Lee-Ellena Funeral Home:

Memorial Services

If you want to have an event to remember your loved one, but you prefer a smaller group or a gathering after the cremation, then a memorial might be the right solution. In most cases, a memorial is similar to a funeral. The only difference is the casket is not present at the event.

Traditional & Contemporary Funerals

Don't assume that you need to create a traditional funeral. We can support your desires to maintain tradition to the level that you desire. Our team at Lee-Ellena Funeral Home also has experience helping with a variety of contemporary funeral plans as well.

Cremation with a Service

Cremation is a great option if you prefer to skip a traditional burial. If you choose to have the person cremated, why not consider a service to go with the cremation? A funeral or memorial can be included in your cremation plan, enabling family members to share time.

After-Care Services with Grief Counselor

We understand that the grief often intensifies after the funeral services are over. Once the busy schedule calms down, you are left to work through the feelings and emotions that surface after a loss. Our team is here to support you after the funeral is over. We provide services with a grief counselor so that you can find your way forward through the healing.


A variety of caskets are available, enabling you to choose the design and price point to match your preferences. These caskets come in many colors, materials, and styles. Visit our funeral home to see examples of the options that are offered.


A burial vault is the lining placed in the ground that holds the casket. Not only is the casket protected from the weight of the earth, but the vault is also beneficial to resist water damage and erosion. We offer various types of vaults depending on your preferences.


You will need a place to store the ashes after the cremation is completed. Simple urns can be used as temporary storage if you are planning to scatter the ashes. Or, look through the beautiful memorial urns that can be used as display pieces in your home if desired.

Veterans Discount

At Lee-Ellena Funeral Home, we want to honor the sacrifice that military personnel make for our country. So, we offer a Veterans discount for those who qualify. Talk to us about the ways you can reduce the cost of funeral expenses.

Cremation Jewelry

Do you love the idea of keeping a piece of your loved one near throughout the day? Cremation jewelry can be created so that you carry the spirit of your family member wherever you go. You can hold onto the emotional attachment to your loved one with a small piece of jewelry that adds style and class to your clothing.

As you can see, the team at Lee-Ellena Funeral Home is going above and beyond to ensure quality services for every family. We will gladly customize the funeral or memorial services to match your requests. You are welcome to talk to our experienced, caring professionals at any time to learn more about the customization options that are offered.


We believe that every life is worth a celebration, which is why we are committed to quality funeral and cremation services in Chesterfield Township, MI. If you are looking for help with funeral planning, then you shouldn't hesitate to contact our team for support. We're here to help with the overall planning as well as detailed logistics that need to be addressed. Rest assured knowing that we have many years of experience in this industry.

What Are The Ways For A Cheap But Memorable Funeral?

Funeral planning is a difficult and saddening process that many of us would prefer to avoid. If you don't, then you risk spending thousands of extra dollars on expenses that could have been avoided if someone had planned. When it comes to funerals, here are some ways you can save on the costs:

Funeral Home Shopping

Funeral homes are required to provide their general price list, which itemizes the charges. This helps you compare costs accurately and find a funeral home that offers packaged services for an affordable cost.

Choosing Direct Burial

A funeral home's most inexpensive option is a direct burial, in which the body of your loved one will be buried soon after their death. There are no embalming or visitation services available with this service so you can save money and have a simpler affair to honor them. This may include basic fees or transportation to bury them at any cemetery in your area plus costs for caskets or burial containers that are not included as part of these standard procedures such as cremation urns which require an additional fee per pound if needed by law.

Simple Casket

Funeral directors know the importance of selecting a casket that is within your budget. They would never try to push higher-priced, unnecessary items on you in an up-selling attempt because they want you and not their wallet first.

Cremation Offered By A Reputable Chesterfield Funeral Homes

Many people are opting for cremation over burial to save money. In 2016, 50.2% of those who died were cremated which is up from the 44% that opted for this service back in 2009 according to a report by Funeral Directors Association (FDA). Cremating one person with funeral services will cost between $3,500 and $4,000 while traditional funerals can reach upwards of five times as much; meaning savings ranging from around $1-100K depending on how many family members opt into these plans when someone passes away.

Buying Urn Elsewhere

Funeral homes and crematoriums usually give you the ashes in a plastic bag inside of a plastic box. An urn isn't needed if you intend to scatter them instead of keeping their remains somewhere else safe or sitting on your mantel for all eternity, which is understandable given how painful it can be when someone close passes away.

Keeping cremains at home is an affordable and personal alternative to storing them in a public place. To keep cremains at home, you will want an urn or container. These are sold by funeral homes and can be purchased from online stores such as Amazon for a reasonable price. You can also make your own cremation box if you would prefer to have the ashes in something more personal than a store-bought option!

Green Burial

A new trend in burials is natural burial. A natural burial is an eco-friendly alternative to traditional funeral practices. It avoids the use of toxic embalming chemicals and steel caskets, which don't biodegrade. Funeral prices are also generally lower than they would be for a traditional service because there isn't any need to build extravagant monuments or purchase expensive materials such as marble headstones that will never decompose naturally in our environment anyway!

Hold the Funeral Service at Home

Some people opt for a home funeral to avoid the problems associated with funerals. Home funerals can include anything from hosting an open house and arranging flowers, or performing all of these tasks in-house by preparing the body itself as well as building their own coffin.

Funeral at Church

Consider the cost of arrangements at your place of worship because they tend to be less expensive than those provided by pro-funeral homes. The clergy most often officiate for free and you can give an honorarium that has no set price so decide what feels right in that moment or just ask them how much people typically contribute when speaking with one another about their plans.

Check for Veteran's Benefits

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs pays certain burial and funeral allowances to help provide a dignified final resting place for those who served in the military, or their surviving spouse and children when they die as an indirect result of service-related injuries.

The VA offers many benefits to veterans. Some of these include a flag presentation and the playing of taps at funerals, but for more information on this or other services provided by the Veterans' Affairs, you can call (800) 827-1000 with any questions that might arise during your time after military life has come to an end.

Social Security Assistance

Social Security pays a child or spouse $255 if they meet certain requirements. You can visit the Social Security Administration's website for more information on what you need to qualify, and call (800) 772-1213 if you have any other questions regarding this payment.

When you are ready for help with funeral and cremation planning in Chesterfield Township, MI, then you are invited to call us right away. Lee-Ellena Funeral Home offers a beautiful facility with high ceilings and natural light. Visit our stunning funeral home at 46530 Romeo Plank Rd, Macomb, MI 48044. Call to set an appointment with our funeral director: (586) 412-8999

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